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Stock Trading for Dummies

Stock Trading for Dummies - 1


Hi All.

You only make money when you sell.

Paper profits are great. It's awesome to see you're up by 100%+ and gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

BUT. That is not real money. It's on Paper, and as such is just a mirage.

SO, Immediately after you buy a stock, put your sells in at GTC (Good til Cancelled).

Say you buy 100,000 shares of a stock at .01.

Immediately put in your sells:

1. 40,000 at .02-.03
2. 30,000 at .05
3. 30,000 at .10

Or 4 sells: 25,000 at .03, .04, .05, .10

Or make the prices what you think she can do.

If she runs hard, keep your last sell in reserve......raise the limit if the price approaches that limit. When she tops out or the trend is starting to go can sell.

What makes this great is once your orders are in, all you have to do is change your limit prices.

Your goal is to make a profit, and to also have free shares.


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You can have 1on1 help with running scans, live phone support, etc.

We have a Skype Room of many professional traders who will all help you.

We also have online classes every Saturday.

The program is simple to use. (It only LOOKS somewhat intimidating): Every item on the screen has a tooltip explaining what it is, and our documentation is Top Shelf.

We have ZERO pumping/promoting.

Making money on stocks is made so much simpler when you know what to look for ahead of a run.

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Best Regards,


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