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Special Promo Membership Options


We have 2 membership options:

1. Full DDAmanda Membership Subscription (Starting at $185/Month with discounts for 6 Month/1 Year Memberships)

Access to DDAmanda Scanner/DD
Private Telegram Traders Group
Realtime Daily List Spy Alerts
Realtime Tier Change Alerts
Realtime Social Media Alerts
Share Structure Changes Alerts
SMS/EMail Alerts in Realtime
Realtime Chat
Private Members Forum

2. An 8KSpy Membership which includes a full DDAmanda Membership at no extra charge. (Starting at $265/Month with discounts for 6 Month/1 Year Memberships)

All DDAmanda features in option 1
Realtime 8K Filings Scanning
Realtime Pre14 and Form 15 Filings Scanning (Splits, Dividends, 15D/G)
SMS/EMail Alerts in Realtime

For more information on 8KSpy, Click Here.

All memberships have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Do not sign up here if you don't have a valid promo code! You will not be able to register without one.
(You will need to enter your promo code when you actually register. The code is Not entered at PayPal when you sign up.)

Actual user comments:
".... first week I picked something up on insider and made $10k...."

"....this software is unbelievable....."

"...just paid for my DD Amanda subscription for the next 3 years due to 1 find hahaha"

" ...your software has helped me SO MUCH..."

" Really a good piece of software"

........many more on the FAQ page.

After you sign up you will get a Registration EMail. If you do not get this, check your Spam folder(s). GMail likes to put this in the 'All' folder. Contact/Call us if you do not find this: 760 702-2009.


  DDAmanda Full   8K Spy and DDAmanda Combo  
$145/Mo Yearly Subscription
$205/Mo Yearly Subscription
Subscription to DDAmanda with access to all benefits. 8KSpy Subscription with full DDAmanda Membership included.
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