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Membership Options

We have 2 membership options:

1. Full DDAmanda Membership Subscription (Starting at $205/Month with discounts for 6 Month/1 Year Memberships)

Access to DDAmanda Scanner/DD
Private Telegram Traders Group
Realtime Daily List Spy Alerts
Realtime Tier Change Alerts
Realtime Social Media Alerts
Share Structure Changes Alerts (Within 2 days of change)
SMS/EMail Alerts in Realtime
Realtime Chat
Private Members Forum

2. An 8KSpy Membership which includes a full DDAmanda Membership at no extra charge. (Starting at $295/Month with discounts for 6 Month/1 Year Memberships)

All DDAmanda features in option 1
Realtime 8K Filings Scanning
Realtime Pre14 and Form 15 Filings Scanning (Splits, Dividends, 15D/G)
SMS/EMail Alerts in Realtime

For more information on 8KSpy, Click Here.

If you have a Promo Code, please Click Here.

All memberships have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Actual user comments:
".... first week I picked something up on insider and made $10k...."

"....this software is unbelievable....."

"...just paid for my DD Amanda subscription for the next 3 years due to 1 find hahaha"

" ...your software has helped me SO MUCH..."

" Really a good piece of software"

........many more on the FAQ page.


  DDAmanda Full   8K Spy and DDAmanda Combo  
$165/Mo Yearly Subscription
$225/Mo Yearly Subscription
Subscription to DDAmanda with access to all benefits. 8KSpy Subscription with full DDAmanda Membership included.
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