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DDAmanda News Letter

News Letter Nr 29

April 14, 2018


Hi All.

A common maxim in stock trading is to 'follow the trend', or 'the trend is your friend'.

Consequently we have just added Trend scanning to DDAmanda. Now you can scan for stocks that are in a 2-5 Day Up OR Down Trend.


Life Tips

1. USB Sticks and Sim Cards:
When you are plugging these in, push them in all the way and then pull them out just a tiny bit. This prevents bad connections.

2. Eat only 1 meal a day.
Eating only one meal a day (in the Evening), has many benefits, and while this goes against many commonly held beliefs,
there are many great athletes practicing this method.

You can http://Bing.com this for more info.

3. Run/Jog everywhere.
We all know how hard it is to get enough exercise, so if you do this it will solve that problem.
You can do this at home, going shopping, at work, etc.
While you may think this will look weird to other people, do you really care what they think if the end result is better looks, and health?
And some of them may follow your lead on this, and it could become a trend.


Recent Additions/Improvements to Amanda:

1. Trend Scanning added.

2. Close at High of Day Scan parameter was added.

3. Drag Ratio Scanning added.


You can view Actual DDAmanda Trading Scenarios here: Trading Charts


8K Spy Example:

$ALKM on 3-2-18. Closed up 100%.

Fine Tuning 8KSpy Alerts

Make sure you adjust your settings on the Help Page to eliminate alerts you do not want.
You can also add filters to your EMail to delete alerts with phrases you are not interested in.
The Default Settings should limit the alerts to 5-10 or so per day.

DDAmanda Example:

Having the best stock picking tool available is a Great Feeling.
The following DDAmanda Chart shows how early indicators can alert you to a coming run in a stock.
Also, nothing goes up forever, so ALWAYS take some off the table on the way up.


If you have 8KSpy, you need to fine tune the alerts.

Getting too many alerts will create burn out, so you have to limit the number of alerts you get.

One way to do that is to set the Max Price to .05, and eliminate Big Board stocks.

The lower priced stocks are the ones that tend to move the most on a significant 8K.

You can also set EMail/SMS Filters to eliminate the phrases you are not interested in, or to
select and pick out the ones that you are focusing on.


Previous News Letters: News Letters

More info about DDAmanda:

We recently added a Realtime Daily List alert system for all users.... free of charge: DailyListSpy.com.

We have the best support and training that exists:

You will get 1-on-1 help with running scans, and REAL live phone support (NOT from India, etc.).

We have a Skype Room with many professional traders who will all help you.

We also have online classes every Saturday.

Although designed for Professional Traders, the program is simple to use. (It only LOOKS somewhat intimidating):
Every item on the screen has a tooltip explaining what it is, and our documentation is Top Shelf.

We have ZERO pumping/promoting.

Making money on stocks is made so much simpler when you know what to look for ahead of a run.

If you want to try DDAmanda, there is a Promo Code below that you can use, and will make the subscription price a tad lower:

If at any time you find that she is not for you, you will get a 100% Refund. You have much to gain, and Nothing to lose.

Just a small sample of what Members say about DDAmanda (Sources/complete text available upon request)

'Wow', 'Amazing', 'This is awesome'.....etc etc...but the most common thing they say is 'I don't want to tell anyone about this. I want to keep it for myself'.

Actual Feedback/Comments received from users:

"Dude.... I have been a member for a month now of both, and you have made me so much money it's not even funny... Multiple 100% plays within past 4 weeks, and bought into CAPV as soon as the filing came out last Monday, the best play yet... . Please for the love of everything... don't ever discontinue Amanda... :) Thanks again!"

"...just paid for my DD Amanda subscription for the next 3 years due to 1 find hahaha"

"... I really liked:
- the speed of the program
- the unbelievable advantages of the scanners one can run
- being able to collect stock tickers and run then to see if the company has been front loaded before investing
- the special note section was a key item
- hitting any message board from the main screen was really cool..."

"Amanda is basically my secret weapon… I get to see money moving around long before anyone else notices"

"I can honestly say this is the best program around ....."

" ....Profited 2k because of her."

".... thanking my stars that i got such a good tool for a rookie investor (not a day trader and never intended) like me."

Promo Code: han458

Respond to this EMail, or call: 760 329-5700, or read the FAQ, Learn More, and Quick Start pages.

Best Regards,


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