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News Letter Nr 15

October 21, 2016


Hi All.

Life Tips:

1. Blank Your Mind

If you'll notice, your mind is always going. Just a constant stream of thoughts. They call it the 'Monkey Brain'.
And when you notice your thoughts, you are actually viewing them from another place. Like there are 2 minds in
your brain. You can observe your 'Monkey Brain' in action. I've found that if you think a certain phrase, you can
quiet your mind, and if you are trying to get to sleep, but thoughts are keeping you awake, try this phrase. Just
think this: 'Blank your Mind'.

2. Right Now

There is only ONE time when you can do Anything. And that time is Right Now. You can't do stuff even 10 seconds
from now. And if you notice when you are doing something: The time is Right Now. Our lives are a series of 'Holy Instants'.
So consider this when you have something you need to do. You can only do it Right Now.

3. Unplug from The Matrix

This may or may not be extremely difficult for some people. Turn off your phone. Sit quietly for an hour in private.
Have a notepad and pen available to jot down thoughts that come to you. If you can't go for an hour, try 10 minutes,
or 20, and work your way up. Try to blank your mind, and listen to what comes to you. This will help you reevaluate
everything, and can make an amazing difference in your life experience.

DDAmanda Example:

This shows how early indicators can alert you to a coming run in a stock.
Also, nothing goes up forever, so ALWAYS take some off the table on the way up.


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