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DDAmanda News Letter

News Letter Nr 14

October 9, 2016


Hi All.

2 Life Tips:

1. Make your Bed.

I do this as well. It's part of my 'system' of life.

From a Reader:
And make your bed every morning. Make it the first thing you do. I remember whether I was on a ship, had to be ready
for a dive in 45 minutes after I awoke or had a brief for a desert op after I woke up, I made my bed. Stood back,
looked at perfection, made a mental note of my success. Make the first accomplishment you do

2. Park Facing Out.

When you come into a parking lot you can see where everything is. You are aware of people walking, other cars, etc.
So backing into a parking spot, or driving straight through 2 parking spots to park in the one where you are facing out,
is safer than backing out when you leave.

If you have to back out of a space, it is more dangerous, because you can miss something that is behind you,
or moving behind you. It is much safer to be able to just drive out forwards.

Cops used to do this, but for some reason they stopped doing it. We keep losing knowledge and technology.

DDAmanda Example:

This shows how early indicators can alert you to a coming run in a stock.
Also, nothing goes up forever, so ALWAYS take some off the table on the way up.


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More info about DDAmanda:

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We have the best support and training that exists:

You can have 1on1 help with running scans, live phone support, etc.

We have a Skype Room of many professional traders who will all help you.

We also have online classes every Saturday.

The program is simple to use. (It only LOOKS somewhat intimidating): Every item on the screen has a tooltip explaining what it is, and our documentation is Top Shelf.

We have ZERO pumping/promoting.

Making money on stocks is made so much simpler when you know what to look for ahead of a run.

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Best Regards,


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