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News Letter Nr 12

September 27, 2016


Hi All.

3 Life Tips:

1. Keep your Eyes on the Road.

No matter what, always be looking at the road in front of you (and keep an eye on your rear view mirror) when driving. Shit happens
in a split second, so pay attention. If you have people in the car with you.......there is no need to look at them at all. If you are reaching
for your coffee, drink or a cigarette......there is no need to look where it is first. Try to make this a solid habit, and it might save some
pain, suffering and/or lives one day.

2. Get a Grip.

A great way to strengthen your grip is to use the steering wheel for isometric excercise. Just hold it as tight as you can for
as long as you can.

3. Kill that Thought.

You get a thought about needing to do something.....maybe you are in town and something says buy some dog food, and then the killer
thought comes in: 'Don't need to buy some just yet...there's a few meals left'.....KILL that thought Right NOW, and go buy your dog food. This
applies to many thoughts you have during the day. Kill those thoughts FAST before they can take hold and keep you from doing something
you should do.

DDAmanda Example:

This shows how early indicators can alert you to a coming run in a stock.
Also, nothing goes up forever, so ALWAYS take some off the table on the way up.


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