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DDAmanda Newsletter

Trading Tip 2,

April 23, 2016



Hi All.

Let the price come to you.

Never bidwack if you can help it.

However, if things start going south, GTF out.

Don't be afraid of taking a loss.....better a small loss than a big loss.

Somebody also came up with the 50% rule. If you are ever down 50%, Sell it all.

And ALWAYS take profits if you have them. You don't have to sell em all, but ALWAYS take some off the table.

There are NO exceptions to this rule. We used to think there were....but there aren't.



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You can have 1on1 help with running scans, live phone support, etc.

We have a Skype Room of many professional traders who will all help you.

We also have online classes every Saturday.

The program is simple to use. (It only LOOKS somewhat intimidating): Every item on the screen has a tooltip explaining what it is, and our documentation is Top Shelf.

We have ZERO pumping/promoting.

Making money on stocks is made so much simpler when you know what to look for ahead of a run.

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Best Regards,



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