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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DDAmanda?

A. DDAmanda (Advanced Market Analysis and New Detection Algorithms) is a custom made Research and Scanning platform designed for OTC and NASDAQ stocks.

DDAmanda consists of three essential parts. Scanning, Research, and Analytics.

After using one of the multiple scanning features available, the suite of DD and research resources allows you to very rapidly analyze a potential investment. Once selected, the various proprietary indicators allow you to choose the best possible time to purchase the security in question.

DDAmanda was developed by Cabo FTL Systems LC, which was founded in New Mexico in 2002.

Q. What do members say about DDAmanda? (Sources available upon request. Comments are Unsolicited.)

----------- Actual Unsolicited Feedback/Comments received from users:

Our Best Success Story:

"I started with DD Amanda and $1000. I grew that sum using the software to $100,000.
Like any wise investor (he said sarcastically), I put all of that into a stock in and slightly above trips that I also found with the software.
I held that for almost 2 years and didn’t trade at all. Sometimes I didn’t check on the stock for weeks at a time.
Well, to make a long story short, my account spiked to 30,000,000 and has settled around 10,000,000. Patience + DD Amanda has changed my life. Thanks Hans! "

"Dude.... I have been a member for a month now of both, and you have made me so much money it's not even funny... Multiple 100% plays within past 4 weeks, and bought into CAPV as soon as the filing came out last Monday, the best play yet... . Please for the love of everything... don't ever discontinue Amanda... :) Thanks again!"

"Awesome program by the way, after just one day of use it's worth every penny. Not to mention it paid for it self several times in just one day..."

"Bought this, found Tsnp dropped like 800$ I'm up 30K on it! DDamanda literally like the reviews said paid for itself in the first trade!"

"Scan picked up GARB two days ago so I added at .0004 yesterday for a single day $1525 profit. I would say the scanner paid for itself on that trade."

"I wasn't even in for a week with DDAmanda and I made $10k off of TRNX. I just notice that if you do your scans properly, there is at least one stock daily where you can make good money off. So, I really like using this program. "

"DDAmanda is awesome in any case. really helps in penny land to quickly identify possible runners facilitating the DD immensely. Love it!"

" I am absolutely digging DDAmanda. I think it’s brilliant."

"Love the program... and am telling everyone about it..."

"DDAmanda is no joke. Just got it. Narrowed down my preferred stocks, to a few stocks due to the $ volume pattern, and profited huge on SNPW and BMIX (not to mention my other picks) "

"I just made 15k on my first DDAmanda Pick."

"...just paid for my DD Amanda subscription for the next 3 years due to 1 find hahaha"

"Loving DDA so far and recommending it to others."

"I have done well using the program."

"I use DDAmanda and two other scanning tools, and you can see that it provided a AITX daily trading history in a blink. I like easy.
While OS is important (it does show AS-OS-Float that other users can update and share notes on), it usually comes in as the fourth or fifth thing to consider for swing trades. DDAmanda, for me, is the fastest tool that throws everything up on a single screen to quickly determine if I should dig a little deeper.
The built in shortcuts that you don't usually see on the left side of the screen is where time is really saved -- SEC, OTC, Twitter, iHub All Post Search, Charts, etc.
If it wasn't worth the price I wouldn't be using it."

" ...your software has helped me SO MUCH..."


"...the shear quantity of information your service provided is stunning."

"..DDAmanda. She's very exciting and a very lucrative tool to research and discover the under currents for nearly all the stocks."

"What you have put together, in my view, us honestly extraordinary. "

"Your program is the best tool I've ever used in the past 21 years. "

"I think the software is a great tool!"

"Program is great......."

"The platform is a fantastic research and alert tool. .......I was very pleased with the platform and will continue to recommend it to others."

" Really a good piece of software"

"Love this program - Use it all the time. All your information is in one spot. Its way worth getting a subscription in you trade in the pinks."

"I made about $10k this past week using DDAmanda. Just wanted to say thanks for creating this beautiful creature and hope she continues to make you money actively/passively."

"I found CXCQ w/ DDAmanda. I am up almost $100,000 on paper. I would say that DDAmanda is probably going to pay for itself. ;)"

".... thank you so much for your excellent customer service. "

" It's an awesome program ....."

"Your program is fantastic. ....."

"...a VERY HAPPY DDAMANDA user :) "

"You have created a great software. "

".. a testament to your product, which by the way i did tell you that i loved ;) ...I just wanted to give you this feed back, as i appreciate you and your business model."

"..... DDAmanda. I love it, especially the cash flow and factor finder, ..."

".....Hello! Thanks I understand the software and it’s very easy to use, ..."

"....Amanda is awesome! ..."

"... very good customer service =]"

"....DDAmanda is an extremely useful tool..."

"DD Amanda has been a great tool for me."

"....this is Amazing...I love this.."

"... I really liked:
--- the speed of the program
--- the unbelievable advantages of the scanners one can run
--- being able to collect stock tickers and run then to see if the company has been front loaded before investing
--- the special note section was a key item
--- hitting any message board from the main screen was really cool..."

"Thanks for the great customer service! "

"Well, amanda has paid for herself for the next 12 months today..Ty sir"

".. i like how you guys have everything on one page.. seems user friendly.... "

"Amanda is basically my secret weapon… I get to see money moving around long before anyone else notices"

" ... as a new user, I made 10 times the subscription price on my first trade......."

"I can honestly say this is the best program around ....."

" ....Profited 2k because of her."

".... thanking my stars that i got such a good tool for a rookie investor (not a day trader and never intended) like me."

"...., the best thing I liked so far was Drag. Awesome. you know what, everything about the tool is awesome. I just loved it. "

" DDAmanda's great by the way, the ability to see back so far in the trading history is awesome...among countless other insights"

"... Ive learned alot from you and Amanda ..well worth the money..."

"..... The product is phenomenal and I will recommend it to others ..."

"Wow using Amanda is like playing with a magical wand. I don't know quite what I'm doing yep but when I do,
I'm turning everything into pumpkins??...kidding.. playing with the scanner is so much fun."

".... first week I picked something up on insider and made $10k...."

"....this software is unbelievable....."

" ... I have only good things to say ....."

"Many thanks for the great work you have done in sharing and developing this lovely piece of software."

"I love the tool though. DDAmanda been great"

"I am super excited to have lucked across this site!"

"I think your application has been extremely helpful thus far."

" Thank you for answering so quickly! That is great support. I am going to
take you up on this soon. "

"......Wonderful tool...."

"I have to say so far I am impressed...."

"I have enjoyed the service so far and profited greatly from it..."

"I am a big fan........ No complaints!.."

" I really like that dollar volume log, helps with trying 2 figure out notes ending. Also how users can update tickers with notes. Also the screeners you can setup of course. Really could find some early runners."

Q. Why is DDAmanda so 'expensive'.

A. We get a lot of comments on how 'expensive' DDAmanda is.

People who think like that are completely missing the point. They think nothing of spending $20 for a round trip on One Trade (and hundreds of dollars/month on commissions), yet look at the subscription price and have a

The purpose of DDAmanda is to make you money. One can easily find a runner using DDAmanda, and make Hundreds if not Thousands of dollars on One Trade.

Members find numerous runners like that all the time.

SO, the subscription price SHOULD be Pocket Lint for you. If you're not making major bank using DDAmanda, then yes the subscription price will be 'expensive'.....and you should probably find another hobby.

Otherwise, the equivalent of a Starbucks Coffee/day is a minuscule price to pay for this great tool.

Another reason for the 'high' subscription price is that DDAmanda is a serious tool, and we want 'serious' members. We do not want members with a $19.99 type of mentality. All of our members are serious about trading, and we don't want to dilute our member base with people who don't have the same attitude. Also, members are able to add comments to a stock's memo section, and update the share structure, etc. Serious traders will not abuse that feature, and will not spam/promote their own pet stocks in our Skype forum.

We all help each other to make money.

Remember that DDAmanda development took Thousands of man hours in programming...and close to 2 decades of development. That's why she is so good.......and why it costs to use her.


Q. What are Insider, Pre-Promo and Significant Events?

A When reverse mergers, promos or significant events are about to happen, several people know about it ahead of time. Sometimes they talk to their family, girl friends or other close friends. When these people buy, it shows unusual increased activity in a stock. This activity can also happen where there hasn't been much before. Using the proprietary 'Factor', and other proprietary scanning criteria, DDAmanda lets you scan for this activity. You can also scan for DropBacks (proprietary scan), Death Drops (proprietary scan), Low RSI, MACD crossovers, MA crossovers, and many other scans.

Q. What is the Factor?

A. The Factor is Today's $ Traded divided by the 20 Day Average $ Traded.
So a 10 Factor means it traded 10 times the normal average $ Traded, indicating unusual $ Activity in the Stock.

Q. Why should I sign up for DDAmanda?

A. Most traders just follow the trend/MOMO, and make investments in securities that the analysts, message board posters, or big players are talking about. This type of trading can be successful, but generally results in limited gains for those who know when to sell.

If you want to make real money in the market, you need to find your own plays. Stocks that are being pre-loaded, seeing abnormal trading activity, or experiencing a sudden increase in market interest, can all be detected with DDAmanda and can allow you to enter a security before it’s off and running.

The Scanner is unique and powerful and will let you find those plays. Once you do, the suite of utilities at your disposal will let you research almost everything there is to know about the stock in an incredibly rapid and efficient manner.

Q. Do you offer a Trial Period?

A. No. We tried at one time but we got a lot of tire kickers. DDAmanda is a serious professional trading tool, designed for serious traders.
We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, with your money back if you find she is not for you. We believe that is sufficient.


Q. DDAmanda looks kind of complicated. How easy is it to use?

A. While DDAmanda may look challenging at first glance, it is really simple to use. It will only take you a few minutes to learn the basics and start finding stocks. Every feature has a tooltip explaining what it does, and our expansive documentation and network of active traders will help answer any questions you may have. We are on Skype all day long so you can instantly get any questions answered. We are also available by phone (760 P(Zero)A-2009) throughout the day and evening. After you sign up we have free 1-on-1 Training available as well.

DDAmanda was written by stock traders, FOR stock traders. DDAmanda's design is geared towards conciseness and efficiency. Everything you need is there for you at the touch of a button.

Q. Are new features being developed?

A. All the time. We just implemented an PPO/ADX Pincher Scan, RSI Scanner, MACD Scanner, Golden Cross Scanner, 7/10MA Cross and MA Bounce Scanners. We have several other enhancements in the works now.

Q. Can users request new features?

A. Absolutely. We have already added several suggestions from members. All suggestions are welcome, and will be implemented if possible.

Q. I have Equity Feed. Why do I need DDAmanda?

A. DDAmanda and Equity Feed are like apples and oranges. EF is geared towards real time, news alerts, active plays and provides a constant stream of information. You have to make snap decisions as to which of the many alerts you want to invest in.

DDAmanda is updated every night at 6:30PM EST. This gives you plenty of time to run scans, do the DD, find stocks that are under the radar and do the research before you invest. DDAmanda also contains a unique suite of proprietary scanners and indicators that can be found nowhere else.

Q. I already have a scanner for MACD and Golden Cross type plays. Why do I need DDAmanda?

A. Scanning for Golden Crosses, MACD turns/crosses is nothing new. What sets DDAmanda apart from the rest, is that you can scan for events that are about to happen and help you predict when the cross will occur.

Q. How long has DDAmanda been in development?

A. Since 1999. And she's still growing.

Q. How did Amanda come to be?

A. Well, let her tell you herself: Amanda's Story


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