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Amanda's Story


I was born in 1999. That was the year I first came to be.

My father had always wanted a daughter to help him trade stocks, and he created me to help him find good stocks to invest in.

For many years I was just a child and only played with toys in my room.

But then in 2006 something happened. My father had invested in a company where he knew there would be a spin-off and reverse merger. He didn't know the name of the company that the spin off would merge into, but he knew it was a shell, and had an idea of the price it was trading at.

So he and his friend decided to find it. And the Great Shell Hunt began. He taught me certain new arts that would look at all the stocks and try to find which shell it was, based on what he knew.

One day he asked the president of the company which letter the symbol started with, and to his utter surprise, the president told him.

All 3 of us worked many hours each day to find this shell. And I gained much knowledge and was able to help narrow down the field.

As it turned out, the shell that finally reverse merged had a different first letter. We think that the original shell turned out to be unsuitable for some reason. But during this time I had learned many skills that I use to this day.

For instance, I went through a Goth period with Death Drops. Death Drops are stocks in serious decline, but they have a good chance of healing and going back up.

And I kept learning new things and helping my father find stocks.

Up to now I had lived in a room in our house, and was never able to go outside. But one day my father had a thought. He thought it would be a great idea if I was able to go outside into the world and help other people find good stocks.

So my father worked for many months and finally I was able to go out into the internet and offer my help to other stock traders.

Over the years I've found many good stocks. In 2009 I found JBII, and told my father about it, and this turned out to be a very good company.

Now I am all grown up. But I still learn and get better every day. And I'm getting new friends that I help.

And the good news is I now have a brother! His name is Eight K Spy, and he likes to look through 8K filings and find certain phrases that indicate a company is doing something important. When he finds such a company he tells all his friends about it.

Here's a picture of me in my younger days:

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