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8K Spy
Realtime 8K Filings Scanner with SMS/EMail Alerts

New: Just added Pre 14/Def 14 and Form 15 alerts.

8K Spy is a Real Time 8K SEC filings screener and scanner.

It searches each 8K Filing as soon as it is filed.

Pre14/Def 14 and Form 15 are now also scanned/alerted.

8K Spy scans for certain phrases like 'reverse merger', 'forward split', 'change in control' etc.

When a phrase is found in an 8K Filing, an alert is sent out immediately. This can be either EMail, and/or SMS to a mobile device.

Also, if an 8K shows a company is going to do a Reverse Split, then an alert will go out. This will let you exit before the herd, and is a considerable advantage.

In addition, 8K Spy members get a full membership subscription to DDAmanda at no extra charge.

8K Spy memberships start at $195/month with discounts for 6Mo/Yearly memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the terms 8K Spy searches for?

A. 8K Spy searches for phrases that could lead to significant price increases. Some of them are:

'Changes in Control';
'Plan of Merger';
'A Forward Stock Split';
'Reverse Split';
'Been Appointed Chief Executive Officer';
'Plan of Reorganization';
'Food and Drug Administration';
'the acquisition';
'Change in Shell status';
'Marijuana', 'Hemp', etc.

Q. How soon do the alerts go out?

A. From seconds to at most 1 minute. This is due to processing time required. The system is completely automated with zero human intervention. Everybody gets the alerts at the same time, even us.

Q. How long should I wait before telling others or posting on msg boards about an alert?

A. You MUST wait at least 30 minutes before telling others, or posting about an alert on message boards, Twitter, etc..

If the alert comes out after hours, you MUST wait until 30 minutes after the market opens before notifying others.

The reason for this is to allow all 8KSpy members to get a fair chance to buy in before the alert event becomes generally known.

However, if the 8K is already being widely talked about on IHub/Message Boards, then you can post all you want or tell others.

Q. Which markets does 8K Spy cover?

A. All of them: OTC, NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE.

Q. What info is in the subject line of the EMail alerts?

A. Some examples of the subject line of the EMail look like this:

8KSpy - CMGO,0.016,OTCQB, ,37 - Plan of merger
8KSpy - ZNNC,0.0006,No Info, ,0 - Changes in Control

The first field is the symbol. Then the current price. Next is the OTCM Tier Level. If the stock is a Caveat Emptor it will have CE after the Tier Level. Then the RSI, and last is the phrase that triggered the alert. The body of the EMail has a link to the actual SEC Filing. The ones where the price is low are generally more explosive.

Q. Can 8K Spy be individually configured?

A. Yes. You can set the maximum price of stocks to alert on.

You can also eliminate Q stocks and newly trading stocks if you wish.

NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE stocks can either be included, or excluded.

The phrases searched for are set in the program, and cannot be changed.

However, if you have a good phrase that is not being scanned for, ask us to add it.


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