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#1 Stock Screener and Scanner: DDAmanda - NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC.

How to Easily Find and DD Winning Stocks Early

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DDAmanda #1 best stock screener using AI

DDAmanda was written by Stock Traders for Stock Traders, and
it is the #1 Stock Screener/Scanner to find winning stocks.

The hardest part of trading stocks is actually finding stocks that are likely to go up.
And this is what DDAmanda is REALLY good at.

DDAmanda uses both user input and AI to Find and Research these stocks.

The software is easy enough to use by Total Beginners.
DDAmanda also has many Advanced Features used by Professional Traders.

DDAmanda is very easy to use.

Our Scanner has pre-set values, so getting started is a breeze.

Our Mission is to help you make money by investing in stocks.

Trading Stocks Basics Video

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There are people who spend $2,500 - $6,000/month to get a stock guru's Newsletter with stock picks.
DDAmanda will give you the tools to find winning stocks that are as good as, or better than expensive
stock picks from a Newsletter. You can easily find your own winning plays.


You can read more about how DDAmanda works below, but the best way is to actually use the program.
DDAmanda costs about $200/month, but we have an $8/Day Trial that you can sign up for, which will let you see if she is useful for you.
Should you then decide you want to subscribe, we have 2 options below. (Scroll Down).

Also, the scanner is pre-set with good values, so you will be able to scan as soon as you sign-in.

All Memberships include 1 Hour of FREE 1-on-1 Training and Instant Support.

If she doesn't make you happy within 30 Days, we give you an instant 100% refund.

Questions?: 760 702-2009 (Call/Text)


How DDAmanda Works in a Nutshell:

We have preset scans that have been optimized to find winning stocks.
You use these scans to find possible winners. (You can also customize these scans, or create new ones).
After a scan finds a possibility, it is simply a matter of pushing some buttons to get further information on that stock.
So you can very rapidly evaluate these stocks to see if they are possible runners.

We also have several built in real-time and semi-real time sub programs (Spies) that will alert you to:
Share Structure Changes, Corporate Changes,Tier Changes, Daily List Changes, Social Media Alerts, and Stock Comments entered by other members.

More About DDAmanda:

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----------- Actual Unsolicited Feedback/Comments received from users:
These all came out of the blue. We didn't even ask people what they thought.

"Hans, i just made a killing off GWAV and CRKN thanks to ddamanda. Your scanner is no joke!!"

"I love you guys..."

"Yeah, love the program. So worth it!! "

"Dude.... I have been a member for a month now of both, and you have made me so much money it's not even funny... Multiple 100% plays within past 4 weeks, and bought into CAPV as soon as the filing came out last Monday, the best play yet... . Please for the love of everything... don't ever discontinue Amanda... :) Thanks again!"

"Awesome program by the way, after just one day of use it's worth every penny. Not to mention it paid for it self several times in just one day..."

"... it is well worth $175.00 and I’ve made probably $500k in the stocks that I found using DD..."

"Thanks DDA made me a lot of money and set me up to make more. Im self sufficient bc of dda"

"Bought this, found Tsnp dropped like 800$ I'm up 30K on it! DDamanda literally like the reviews said paid for itself in the first trade!"

"I have only been trading for 2 years this is the beginning of my 3rd and I have spent a lot of time looking at well everything I can look at to make trading decisions. I’ve noticed on iHub here and there mentions and references to the DDAmanda software and decided to give it a try. She “the software” may look like it was made in 2000 but I am pleasantly surprised with the features as an all in one screener.
Having almost everything I need to research a ticker on one page is a definite time saver.
Some of the features I enjoy the most are the factor rating, seeing 200 days of cash flow in or out of a stock at a glance. "

"Scan picked up GARB two days ago so I added at .0004 yesterday for a single day $1525 profit. I would say the scanner paid for itself on that trade."

"I wasn't even in for a week with DDAmanda and I made $10k off of TRNX. I just notice that if you do your scans properly, there is at least one stock daily where you can make good money off. So, I really like using this program. "

"Hello, you have a great product and I have been pleased with my experience of it."


Complete List: Testimonials



Stock Tips and more....
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---- DDAmanda Features ----
Image Dollars Traded
Image 200 Day Historical Data
Image Add personal notes to stocks
Image Support from Advanced Traders
Image Stock TA
Image IHub Symbol Search
Image Twitter Trend
Image Market Bulls
Image OTCM Research
Image Stock Scanner
Image Shorts Report
Image PPO/ADX Pincher Scan
Image Content Rich Interface
Image Insider/Factor Scans
Image Golden Cross Scans
Image Death Drop Scans
Image Drop Back Scanning
Image 7/10 MA Crossovers
Image Custom MA Scans
Image SEC Filings
Image Stock Screener
Image Bounce Alerts

Image Proprietary Indicators
Image Community Stock Notes
Image Drag and Drag Ratio
Image SEC Searches
Image Live Chat Assistance
Image Edgar Filings
Image Custom Watchlist
Image Multiple Access
Image All States SOS Access
Image OTC and NASDAQ
Image Daily List Spy
Image Social Media Spy
Image Tier Spy



A regular DDAmanda Subscription is $205/mo and $185/mo with a Promo Code
(with large discounts for Semi and Yearly Memberships).


A DDAmanda Lite Subscription is $100/mo. This subscription has all the features of DDAmanda,
but does not have the new Spy Alerts and Picks features.
DDAmanda Lite Subscription:

A DDAmanda Daily Trial Subscription is $8/day. This subscription has all the features of DDAmanda.
DDAmanda $8/Day Trial Subscription:




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